Assembly Required

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Eunoia Solstice

‚ÄúAssembly,‚ÄĚ noun. First of all, a gathering, all of us here together. Convocation. Parliament.

The act of putting something together: assembly required.

The thing that is put together, parts considered as a whole: a mechanical assembly.

Many years ago, through their observations of ‚Äúordinary‚ÄĚ Americans (this was the late 40s, so we‚Äôre mostly talking about white middle class men), David Riesman1 and his colleagues came to believe that a new sort of person was emerging whose character was qualitatively different than the sort of person who conquered the West and created the Industrial Revolution. The old style person was ‚Äúinner-directed‚ÄĚ: his2 sense of self derived mostly from his accomplishments, what he was able to do in the world. The new model was observed to be ‚Äúother-directed‚ÄĚ: his sense of self derived mostly from how his peers regarded him. The first sort of person had a life narrative: where‚Ķ

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It’s almost fun in Cebu.


This photo taken in Blue waters resort Cebu Philippines.

When we arrive we see tourist across Asia nationals and all of us sit on the lobby the hotel staff offer us¬† refreshments as a Filipino i know that hospitality in my country is the best around the world. With pleasing appearance that’s a fact that any tourist will not deny. A country in which tourism is one of the factor of economic growth which has a success on the latest campaign “its more fun in the Philippines’ when targeted a¬† increase on revenue and foreign investments , to create job and lessen poverty. It is important to perfect a basic need of a person. What bothers me in this resort is there awful no quality of FOOD! As a guest that’s one factor that will attract tourist and to stay longer on the establishment but Blue waters i think don’t have better chief for their establishment i recommend to evaluate their kitchen staff and do some total quality management. In order to improve the skills that are needed for global competitive market in the tourism industry. The hospitality the view , services and facilities is good but almost perfect because their bud are not working.¬† It’s almost fun in Cebu..¬† ¬† ¬†


My understanding on Facebook Psychology by Clara Shih

Facebook is opportunity to gain information on people. There like ,dislikes, personal perceptions in different issues in society. With this businesses and other industry marketing, sales, product development and many more in the field of business can access. An easy segmentation of customers and consumers of their insight about their needs and wants about the particular product and services. Despite the wide opportunity  of spoon feeding information . Facebook communicates internally in the family, friends and acquaintances also  externally. This will serve to maintain a good relationship with others. With the help of Facebook the new born prospects  in the social media is wide. Because of this it is incline to the marketing principle that  keep the current customer and create new one. 

Critic on Blackberry World Application

Despite the financial capital Blackberry Application world. There are many factor that support the ongoing success and longevity they have Enterprise Mobile Computing in which to let the blackberry application to manage mobile devices. It has specific standard security to the asset whether company or personal.Google’s Android managed to grab exactly 75.0 percent market share in the third quarter of 2012. Rounding out the top three smartphone operating systems were IOS at 14.9 percent and BlackBerry at 4.3 percent.Blackberry is the lowest among major competitors.  Cost

In cost Blackberry has it’s security matters. The billings and payments are not well visualize¬† online but instead the user must call the customer service with respective code and products with different types of concerns.
Blackberry World Application website is easy when it comes to transaction the web  well-organized and user-friendly.

Blackberry focused on telecommunication industry , Education ,Government,Finance and Services and Insurance, Healthcare,Public Safety and Field Services.¬† Also one of its segments are young professional and business people. They have Enterprise Mobile computing this is a tool to help business person to manage their business and also students taking the MBA are using this tool for their studies. For students a playbook is fit for them to conduct their research, term paper , report and thesis efficiently. This will help organizing contacts and schedules for business people. The billings and payments is also manage. This is applicable in blackberry phones and tablet. ¬†In government blackberry products help the officials do their job to save time in ensuring the welfare of the people with management tool that can be downloaded . In finance and Services and insurance the playbook tool are helping the employees to be¬†efficient at their work by saving time.In healthcare with blackberry’s help, send the information such as ,diagnoses, prescription of the doctor , medical transcriptions and laboratory result in the fastest way.¬†In public safety ¬†law enforcers and authorities the safety of the public is their primary concern. they need the blackberry smart phone to track down criminals and the fastest way to notify the public and co-law enforcer . In field services the blackberry phones and tablet with its application is a need in order to improve the services with both quantity and quality.¬†

Market Place Participation

Blackberry has a huge marketplace participation covering the world. As i mention the different industries that their market segment targeted. Vendors or sellers are productive and consistent on reselling blackberry products. Even though it has the least on market share on application.

Security and Privacy
In security and privacy the business transaction between the prospect and the seller is private it cannot be seen by any competitor or  researcher.

Other services:

They allow other message services.

Process Integration

The vendor or the seller can use Blackberry Enterprise Service to communicate and have a transaction on the prospect.


Marketing Critique on Philippines E- commerce sites

In, there are advertisements on television so the brand image of this site is well-known. ¬†No hassle for signing up ¬†since it can be connected to owner’s social media accounts. ¬† Lastly, there is no clear on their marketing efforts because the agreement between two parties is not fixed. Price can be exact or can be bargain. ¬†The security of the product is low since what I said earlier, the agreement is between consumer to consumer. ¬†


The homepage emphasizes regions or locations where consumer want to transact business.  It also emphasizes the date and time  when the seller deals or upload the product.  The site is a user-friendly in some ways and gives options and freedoms to consumer.


It has a user-friendly segment and has a total marketing effort.  It is more on advertising the promotions given on the site but there is no visualization on the places.  They have their own sales office for the delivery and pick-ups and that means, the site gives a trust to the consumers.


The site is not well organized with their products and promotions and their selling branded or brand new products.  There is a free delivery of most products.  


In my own perception on the Philippines e-commerce sites, is in the first rank, followed by, third would be, and is in the last rank.